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What's YouGPS?

It 'a site that lets you share your photos, associating each one of the GPS location where the photo was taken.

Do yuo want to show to the world an image of a particular place you've visited? Do yuo want to publish a photo of a landscape that you hit? Do yuo want to recommend to a friend for the exact reach you on holydays? Do yuo want to collect all the exact positions of the places you want, without being necessarily linked to any address or road reference?

YouGPS provides the opportunity to do that, so completely free. Just create an YouGPS account, and will be able to immediately upload your pictures, choosing a title and description fit to transmit the best experience of your life, linked to that particular location!

If you have any GPS device, you already know your coordinates, when you're taking your picture. The Upload page you can enter it just in the fields, as indicated in your device (decimal degrees es.12.3456 ° or sexagesimal degrees es.12 ° 34'56 .78 ").

Don't you have a GPS device? Don't you know how to find the coordinates? Don't worry! YouGPS includes a free tool made available by Google to display the maps of the entire world and with one click to get the latitude and longitude of the point clicked on the map. Thanks to this feature every place you can explore and find any position that interests you.
We can only wish you good navigation and exploration good!

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