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  MBeGPS born as a simple tool for testing of integrated GPS receiver in the new windows mobile device. With the widespread use of these devices (also supported by the possibility of being used as browsers) and because of the greater opportunities offered by the upgrade both hardware and software, was expanded the original program to view and record of the routes and can be viewed on PC using the various tools available from Google.



  If you have an Internet connection, you can MbeGPS through the facility, which is deal of information containing the coordinates of your position to a section Google site, to receive and display a map centered on the coordinates supplied by a placemark showing your exact position. Of course, this tool supports the navigation-related Drag the map and zoom controls.



  You can enable the feature that captures MBeGPS your position at short intervals of time, marking your route in real time as you move. The itineraries can be saved and displayed later in Google Earth.



  With MBeGPS you can send an SMS or e-mail is simple position (latitude and longitude) and a script to be able to see your position on a map. Finally it is also offered functionality that manages access to the camera's internal device: you will be able to take your pictures and send them via mail, along with GPS coordinates of where they have taken, to anyone you want, or if you have an account YouGPS, the mail box of YouGPS to upload your images (

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