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Personal Information

- You can browse the contents on YouGPS without having an account YouGPS. You can also contact us for questions related to a particular content without having an account YouGPS.

- For more on YouGPS activities, such as uploading files, posting comments, reporting content or viewing content subject to restrictions, a YouGPS account. When you register for an account YouGPS, it asks for some personal information, including your email address and password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Information Use

- We can record information about your use of the site, for example when using YouGPS, the people you communicate with, the content they watch, the frequency and size of data transfers, and the information on which to display or click YouGPS (including UI elements, settings and other information). If you've logged in, we may associate that information with the your account. We can use GIFs (also known as "web beacons") in HTML-based email sent We encourage our users to control which of these emails are opened by recipients.

Loaded content on the site

- Any personal information or content that online Spread voluntarily (in messages and chat, in your page or display on your profile page, etc..) becomes publicly available and can be collected and used by others.


- If you provide information that can personally identify you to sites YouGPS, they will be used to manage, maintain and provide the general functionality and customized sites, and for manage alerts for content or messages you send us. When you upload files or send messages through the websites of YouGPS, your account name (not your email address) will be seen by other users, who will contact you through messages and comments. Any file that you have sent to sites YouGPS could be redistributed through the Internet and other channels, and could be seen by all users. YouGPS does not use the email address or other personal data of users to post their commercial messages or Marketing without their consent, if not within a specific function or programs that will be available options of consent or dissent. It may, however, use the email address without further consent non-marketing or administrative (for example, to communicate any major changes to the site of YouGPS or to provide technical assistance). We use both the information that allows your personal identification and those who do not allow (such as anonymous usage data from the user's cookies, IP addresses, browser type, clickstream data, etc.). to improve the quality and structure of the sites YouGPS and create new features, functionality, promotions and services by storing, tracking and analyzing preferences and trends of users, as well as activities and communications of the users themselves. We use cookies, transparent GIF files and information on the registry for:
(a) store the information released so as not to enter fartele again while viewing the site or the next time you visit the sites of YouGPS;
(b) to provide personalized content and information;
(c) verify the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns;
(d) to monitor global factors as the total number of visitors, page views, and so on, and finally
(e) to keep track of information you put the files you send and the rule of promotions, sweepstakes and contests.

Publicly available information

- When creating an account on the site, some information about your account and related activities will be provided to other users of the site. These could include the date of opening of your account, the date of your last access, your age, country and the number of files you've visited. When you undertake certain activities on the site, for example when you upload files or send messages through the site YouGPS, your account name (not your email address) will be seen by other users, who can contact you through messages and comments. Any photos you sent to the site YouGPS could be redistributed through the Internet and other channels, and could be seen by all users.

Your decisions

- Of course, nobody forces you to send information that identifies you on a personal level YouGPS sites; In that case, you can still browse the site, but YouGPS may not be able to offer certain services. Some advanced YouGPS may require registration to other Google services like Google Checkout or AdSense for authentication purposes. The use of your personal information associated with them is governed by the privacy notices of those services. You can update or correct your account information on your personal preferences for email by visiting your account.

Advertisers external links to other sites

YouGPS allows other companies, for servers or ad networks, to include advertising within YouGPS. These ad servers or ad networks use technology to send directly to your browser advertisements and the links you see on YouGPS. When this happens, these companies automatically receive your IP address. These Companies can also use other technologies (such as cookies, JavaScript or web beacons) to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to personalize the advertising content you see.

YouGPS does not provide any personal information of users to these ad servers or ad networks outside without the consent of users, if not within a specific function or programs which will options available to consent or dissent. However, if an advertiser were to request a YouGPS show an advertisement to a certain audience (for example, men aged between 18 and 34 years) or segment public (for example, men aged between 18 and 24 years have shown that some channels content) and you reply to those advertisements, the advertiser or ad server may conclude that you fit the description of the public who are trying to achieve. The advertiser may also use the information about your use of the sites YouGPS, as the number of times you see a advertising (but not personal information) to determine which advertisements to show.


How are cookies used by YouGPS

What are cookies and what they do

Cookies are information that can be stored on your device (computer or smartphone) when browsing the Internet. Thanks to cookies, the server sends information every time you return to this site or on all sites owned by YouGPS to allow optimal navigation. Cookies are used in fact to improve your browsing experience and provide information to the manager on the use of the site that you are doing in order to obtain statistical data, a usage profile and advertising messages in line with your interests.

Which cookies YouGPS uses

YouGPS uses different types of cookies.

They are key to navigate through all group sites and use all its functions, such as access to the Reserved Area. Without these cookies would not be possible to provide services required. These cookies are not used for commercial purposes.

Collect and analyze information about the site by visitors (page views, number of access, time spent on the website, etc.) to provide a better browsing experience. This type of cookie does not collect any information that can identify you in any way. All information collected is anonymous and used only to improve the use of the site. These Cookies are not used for commercial purposes.

These cookies are set by a site other than the one you are visiting (the so-called third-party). Cookies can be of different nature: strictly necessary or technical, performace, features and advertising or profiling.

The list of cookies above could be updated from time to time. We suggest that you take vision regularly in order to stay updated on any changes and updates.
YouGPS works best if cookies are enabled. You can decide not to accept the use of your device (computer or smartphone). To do this go to the "Preferences" section of your browser.

More details about cookies

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